The Family

Strong roots make for strong plants.  Our farm is very much the same.  Even though we haven't pictured every family member on this page, we couldn't farm without all of their support.


Erik Balodis

If you ask Erik how long he's been farming, he will probably tell you his earliest memories are of farm chores, tractor rides, and feeding calves.  Erik is the beef farming half of Marshdale Farms.  He is also the mechanical mind, occasional muscle, and moral support behind the flower half.  A red seal Millwright, and an apprentice power engineer, Erik is also a member of Eureka District Volunteer Fire Department. (And yes, Megan wrote this description)


Megan Balodis

Megan is a professional agrologist, with a background in plant science, and a childhood memory of making a neighbour bouquets of dried weeds.  She is the flower farming half of Marshdale Farms.  Megan is also the marketing mind, spreadsheet troubleshooter, occasional cow chaser, and official parts fetcher.  Megan wasn't born on a farm, but likes to say she got there as fast as she could.  (And yes, Megan wrote this too)

Marcis & Mara

Erik's parents are always keeping an eye out and lending a hand where ever it's needed.  Their experience in business, farming, and family is invaluable.


Emma & Jaret

Emma & Jaret often help us out with the cattle, especially during haying and calving seasons.  Emma is a Speech-language Pathologist, and Jaret owns & operates Langille's Tree Service.  They also let Megan raid their shrubbery.

Chilly & Timberjack

Our dog and cat are pretty talented in the comic relief department.  Just don't tell them they are favorites on our social media feeds-or it will go to their head and they'll quit mice catching duty.