March Madness

Spring fever yet?

I think I may have it.  Well, at least a cold!

Actually, I hadn't expected this month to shape to be quite this busy.  It is, but I am still determined to kick ass.  My apology for the language, but I've been wandering around the house dropping f-bombs every time I cough, so I assure you I am censoring for the internet.  I might be irritable.  Maybe.  March is for babying the earliest of the seedlings, crop planning, calving, budgeting, and getting in orders for irrigation supplies.


After a brief delay, calving season is here!  We've welcomed a half dozen wee ones so farm, so the mild weather has been welcome.

I started the earliest of my seeds.  I elected to try lisianthus this year, as part of a supposedly restrained list of trial crops.  Supposedly, because the number of seed packages do not look like I've exercised any sort of restraint.  I did decide that "we" would look at upping production of some of our favourite crops from last year.  Like sunflowers, snapdragons, and cosmos.

We've also been looking at seasonality of flower farming, and tossing around ideas for keeping that part of the business happening all year.  There is a ton of satisfaction in being creative, and I hadn't realized how much I missed some of my previous hobbies.  Thus we launched our online store, which is currently focused on a line of botanical jewelry.  There is something fairy tale-esque about wearing your favourite flower, frozen in time! 


If you missed it, we have a new newsletter. I love social media, and it is very valuable to small businesses.  Connecting with you online is good for this introvert soul, but I know not all of our content reaches you.  If Facebook shut down tomorrow, we don't have a way to chat with you.  Email marketing is a fabulous way to make sure we stay in touch - and it will be the place we share exclusive tips, and exciting offers about our farm products.  If this sounds great to you, head on over and fill out the form.

I would really love to hear from you about the type of content you enjoy.  Do you like growing tips, farm stories, how-to articles?