Be My Local Valentine?

It's creeping up on one of the most romantic days of the year! Traditional gifts for the special person include spa products, chocolate, and flowers.  Of course, you can bet I am most interested in the flowers.  With snow on the ground, you probably aren't thinking too hard about finding local flower options.  I've put together a couple of suggestions of where to pick up a special gift, and even a few flower options.  

Farmers Markets

Make sure you check out your local farmer's market!  If you aren't sure where it is, check out Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia to find one close to you.  In Pictou County, we are lucky to have the fantastic New Glasgow Farmers Market, where you are sure to find a beautiful gift. 

Local Flowers - Pictou County

There are a couple of options in Pictou County for floral gifts.

Marshdale Farms: 

If you are interested in a gift certificate or flower subscription from us, you can contact us at any time. Check out or Floral CSA page! We have a couple of lovely printed certificates you can use for the surprise.

Niki, Sweetheart Farms

Niki, Sweetheart Farms



Sweetheart Farms: 

Located in Rocklin, Niki Allan is offering gift certificates for a 'four weeks of flowers' subscription.  They will be available for pick-up at the New Glasgow Farmer's Market starting in July of 2017.  These are pint-sized bouquets, $20 for the subscription.  You can reach Niki by email (


Local Flowers - Halifax

If you are near Halifax, I have a really excellent option for you!

Amanda, of Humble Burdock Farms.

Amanda, of Humble Burdock Farms.

Humble Burdock Farms:

Located in Steam Mill, NS, Amanda Muis Brown is a talented farmer-florist. Amanda offers her eye for design with services for full service & DIY weddings, a Floral CSA, and bouquets at both the Historic Farmers Market in Halifax & Wolfville Farmers Market.  For your Valentine, Amanda will have:


  • Fresh Floral Bouquets @ Historic Farmers Market, Saturday, 1496 Lower Water Street, Halifax
  • Floral CSA sign-up
  • Pop-up shop on Feb 14th, keep your eye on Amanda's Facebook Page for details.

You can contact Amanda through social media, or by email (