Fall at Marshdale Farms - Part 1

What do farmers do in the fall?

Well, Erik and I are busy as usual.  I suspect you are too.  There is always something happening when you raise livestock.  Late October is the time for a roundup for our beef customers.  We bring the animals in from pasture and sort out the ones we are keeping from the ones that are leaving for processing.  I managed to grab a some shots of the herd while Erik and Jaret (our brother-in-law) did all the work!  This is also the start of our transition to our winter feeding practices.  

Number 2, below, can usually be relied on upon to be curious about what's going on.  Of course, she may just be wondering what the strange human is doing.  I don't spend as much time with the cattle as Erik and the last time this one saw me I was engaged in the equally strange activity of trying to get bouquets and cows in the same picture.  You can find that picture in the slideshow on our home page.

We started feeding from our stored forage on the same day as last year (October 19!), and Erik was happy not to have to do it in the snow!  As you can see from a 2015 picture below, snow doesn't faze the animals, and most of them prefer to be outside.  Winter will be here soon enough, but I hope you are taking the time to enjoy the last of the fall colours!  I'm hoping the snow will hold off a bit longer, so we can get the flower patch cleaned up, and get soil samples from our hay fields and pastures.


What sort of fall activities are you up to?  In my next post I'll talk about how flower farmers prepare for winter!