Beef & Blooms From Pictou County


The Family

We are your farmers.   We want you to know a bit about what makes us tick, and recognize the other people who make our business a success (besides you, of course!).  Erik has been farming since he can remember, and Megan is a complete plant geek.  Megan also refers to herself in the third person sometimes, because she writes the website copy.

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The Farm

We are a family farm

Three generations ago, the Balodis family arrived in Hopewell, Nova Scotia.  When Dzintra and Hugo (Erik's grandparents) arrived on the farm with their young family, it was one of the few properties in the area without electricity.  Together, they built the farm, one of the first farms in the area to use electric fences, and passed their legacy on to their family.  The farm has seen many crops come and go, and has even been a dairy farm.  We (Erik and Megan) officially took the reins of the farm in 2014.  Today we operate it as a beef farm, and raise specialty cut flowers, with the help of our family.


Beef :
Grass - fed & Delicious

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